Tape handles provide increased pack strength for logistics, are easy to carry, and convey marketing messages.
Multipacks using a few small dots of transparent, peelable specially developed adhesives. PET bottles are bonded together to form 2x2 and 2x3 multipacks. Cans are bonded together to form 1x3, 1x4, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 multipacks.
Nature MultiPack™ equipment is capable of producing 45,000 bottles or cans per hour at nominal line speed.
Compared to conventional multipacks, Nature MultiPack™ uses up to 85% less packaging material in addition to 67% less energy during production.
Oriented bottles or cans maximize brand visibility. Consumers can easily remove individual bottles or cans from the pack.

What is it?

Nature MultiPack™ is the multipack solution that combines innovation and sustainability. A groundbreaking packaging solution for PET bottle and can multipacks, it adds functionality while reducing packaging material. KHS GmbH offers adhesives, equipment and services that deliver superior industrial performance, consumer convenience and a premium look and feel.

Nature Multipack what is it Nature Multipack what is it Nature Multipack what is it Nature Multipack what is it


  • Significantly less packaging
  • Near-zero waste in store and at home
  • Innovative consumer functionality
Who is it for

Who is it for?

Brand owners looking for sustainable and innovative multipacks for PET bottles and cans.


  • PET bottle multipacks: 2x2, 2x3
  • 45,000 bottles/hour at nominal line speed
  • Bottle diameters: 60–100 mm
  • Bottle heights: 180–400 mm
  • Bottles individually oriented
  • Options: handle application, pack routing
  • Can multipacks: 2x2, 2x3, 2x4
  • 45.000 cans/h at nominal line speed
  • Can diameters: 58mm-100mm
  • Can heights: 110mm-200mm
  • Cans individually oriented
  • Options: handle application, pack routing


Nature MultiPack™ adhesives have been adapted to the PET bottle and can surface such that they bond the Nature MultiPack™ together with small, accurately placed dots, enabling the pack to be formed quickly, and then conveyed, palletized, stretch-wrapped, and also survive the logistics circuit, including hundreds of kilometers with wide temperature variations. The consumer needs to be able to carry the Nature MultiPack™ from the shelf in the store all the way home to the cupboard, and then the pack must be easy to open for all users.

Nature MultiPack™ brings clear sustainability message based on less packaging. Bottles and cans are individually oriented within the Nature MultiPack™ application equipment, enabling bar code masking and billboard presentations across the packs. A convenient tape handle is applied downstream, adding marketing messages, pack strength and consumer convenience.

For a large PET bottle 2x3 pack or equivalent can pack, the Nature MultiPack™ is in the same cost range as printed film shrink packs.

The initial focus of Nature MultiPack™ was on PET bottles but is now also available for cans. The container-to-container connection points have sufficient structure for pressing them together during the bonding process. Other applications like glass bottles have been considered but are not ready for market at this time.

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